•Mechanical Engineering Workshop

First year students are given basic training in various sections of Mechanical workshop like fitting, carpentry, foundry, sheet metal, smithy, plumbing, welding etc. The students are introduced to marking tools, hand tools and measuring equipments used in each section. Practice sessions are given to each student in all the sections.General awareness about the workshop safety practices to be followed in order to avoid accidents is given to all the students.

•Production Engineering Laboratory

Production Engineering Lab is a vital part of Mechanical Engineering. The students are introduced to various machine tools used in industry. The lab is equipped with excellent facilities and students are given individual practice sessions on various production machines. The lab is equipped with Lathes – 22 No, Shaper machines- 10 No, Slotting machine - 1 No, Planing machine – 1 No, Band saw- 1 No and Bench Grinder – 1 No.

•Machine Tools Laboratory

The mechanical engineering students are given an excellent opportunity to familiarize and acquire hands-on experience in machine tools. The machine tools lab is equipped with Universal Milling Machine – 2 no, Horizontal Milling Machine – 2 no, Vertical Milling Machine – 2 no, Cylindrical Grinding Machine – 2 no, Surface Grinding Machine -1 no, CNC Lathe , CNC Milling Machine –Chandra BFW make, Radial Drilling Machine – 1no, and Tool and Cutter – 1no .

•Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Laboratory

Fluid Mechanics is one of the core areas in Mechanical Engineering. The students are given excellent opportunity to understand the various principles in Fluid Mechanics and their practical applications. The test setups require_once Notch apparatus, Orifice apparatus, Reynolds apparatus, Orifice meter, Venturi meter, Pipe friction apparatus, Hydraulic ram, Meta centric height apparatus. Cut models of various impellers, runners & guide vanes, pipe fittings & joints are displayed. The Hydraulic machines lab require_onces experimental setups for demonstration the working of different hydraulic machines and doing performance tests on these machines. The hydraulic machines require_once, Pelton wheel, Francis turbine, Kaplan turbine, Centrifugal pump double end suction, multispeed, constant speed etc.

•I C Engine Laboratory

The IC Engine lab gives students an opportunity to understand the working of various types of internal combustion engines. The lab is well equipped with single and multi cylinder petrol and diesel engines, MPFI petrol engine, cut section of diesel and petrol engine and disassembled maruti engine. The lab also require_onces experimental setup to determine viscosity and calorific value of liquid and gaseous fuels.

•Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

The aim of Mechanical Engineering lab is to give the students an opportunity to understand the principles involved in Mechanical measurements, the precision instruments used and their applications. This lab require_onces separate section for metallographic testing. The lab is well equipped with measuring instruments like Autocollimator, Tool maker’s Microscope, Profile Projector, Lathe Tool Dynamometer, Milling Tool Dynamometer, Drilling Tool Dynamometer, Bevel protractor, Sinebar, Slip gauge, Dial gauge, Vernier caliper, Micrometer, Gear tooth vernier, Vernier height gauge, Bore gauge , Feeler gauge and Pressure gauge tester. The metallographic section require_onces, specimen cutting machine, moulding press, double disc polishing machine and Optical microscope.

•Thermal Engineering Laboratory

The Thermal Engineering lab gives a practical touch to the students about the modes of heat transfer. The experimental set ups are used to do practical tests to understand the various aspects of heat transfer. The lab facilities require_once experimental set up to study heat transfer in composite wall and Lagged pipe, heat transfer by natural convection and forced convection, and effectiveness of heat exchangers. Calibration of thermocouples is also conducted. Performance test on reciprocating and rotary compressors and centrifugal blowers are also conducted in this Lab.

About Us

HEERA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (HCET).near Nedumangad is located in the lush, scenic environment, on the outskirts of Trivandrum city with a blend of city and village comforts.HCET provides the best learning environment with the state-of-the-art facilities in its sprawling 30 acre, Wi-Fi enabled campus. Heera College of Engineering and Technology is promoted by the Heera Educational & Charitable Trust, a sister concern of M/s. Heera Construction Company Pvt.Ltd., popularly known as HEERA...read more..


To be an internationally recognized & innovative centre of excellence in engineering, technology, research & development, thereby making us a preferential-choice for ambitious and talented prospective students.


• To create a healthy, competitive learning atmosphere enriched by the challenges of engineering program.
• To setup a nationally acclaimed institution through highly skilled and industrious faculty with state of the art facilities.
• Provide principle based learning environment to develop a sense of credibility and integrity within our students.
• To support actions to take in-hand with environmental and social requirements.


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